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Revolutionary cloud solution for design competition organisers

High quality digital experience for organiser,
architects and jury.


Reduce organising workload


Reduce file format errors and loading times


Increase entry submission data privacy


Enable remote jury reviews 24/7


City of Turku in Finland organised high quality international architecture competition with Competition Cloud

Competition Cloud enabled seamless process between the organisers and international jury during Covid-19.

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How Competition Cloud solves common
design competition challenges

For the organisation 

  • The implementation of a credible remote evaluation process for the design competition has been identified as challenging.
  • Holding the competition in accordance with the Procurement Act causes extra stress.
  • A slow and laborious process increases the cost of competitive tendering.
  • Anticipating the schedule and total cost of the tendering process is difficult.
  • A physical presentation space is required for the competition work.
  • It remains unsure whether the chosen proposal is the overall best proposal with the best development potential.

For the competition organisers

  • There may be uncertainty about choosing the best tendering process.
  • Competitive tendering eats up more working hours than desired.
  • Coordinating schedules with the various parties involved causes difficulties.
  • It is difficult to maintain the anonymity of participants at the stages that require it.
  • Being informative and inclusive becomes cumbersome.
  • To organise the web presence, you need a separate website creator.

For participating architects

  • Participation may seem questionable due to a lack of equal opportunities for evaluation.
  • Producing quantitative material takes time away from the planning of the competition work itself.
  • It can take time to get feedback, and reviewing it thematically can be challenging.
  • The possibility of maintaining anonymity during the comparative evaluation raises questions.
  • The competition going over schedule can make things messy.

Competition judges

  • Remote working is not going well. Finding content and data at the right moment is difficult.
  • It will take a lot of work to coordinate schedules.
  • The conditions required to ensure an equal assessment have been partially lacking.
  • The lack of a systematic commentary model has created inconsistencies in judges’ comparative evaluations.
  • With the cut-and-paste model, reviews may have ended up attributed to the wrong proposals.
  • With the pandemic, the risk of infection can hinder participation. 

The City of Tampere in Finland streamlined their architectural competition processes with Competition Cloud

Tampere is the third largest city in Finland, and growing rapidly. The Viinikanlahti area is planned to be part of its expanding city centre. An open international architectural competition was organised for the design of the new residential area and its green spaces, in which the Tietoa Competition Cloud service was tested in practice. The competition proposals were submitted in electronic form via the competition website. It was also possible to view the proposals in 3D models and with the 360 aerial map of the competition area from different perspectives. Through an easy-to-use competition platform, judges could evaluate proposals interactively, regardless of time and place. The Competition Cloud service was praised for providing a new kind of fluency in carrying out the design competition.



Modular pricing enables you to use Competition Cloud for different size competitions

Small competitions

  • Design competition for an apartment building or a city block

  • Implementation as an invitational competition or a site handover competition
  • Modules: Book



Small planning competition

  • Scale of a few blocks

  • No floor plans for buildings

  • Invitational competition or open competition
  • Modules: Book and Extras



Large competitions

  • For example, public buildings: museums, libraries etc.

  • Usually an open, international competition

  • May also be an invitational competition, e.g. new head office
  • Modules: Book, Tool, Extras and Pros



Large planning competitions

  • City districts, for example

  • Regional solutions

  • Often an open two-stage international competition

  • Typically additional extra services involved
  • Modules: Book, Tool, Extras and Pros



A whole ecosystem, where you can take advantage of the modules you need


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